Most working women have difficulty in skin care office, due to the working environment under the air-conditioner, sitting for hours in front of the computer … 16 tips below will be “great relief” for office girls The room must sit for hours in front of the computer.

Sitting 8-9 hours / day working in front of the computer, in contact with the air-conditioned environment regularly … are the causes of your skin to be dry, dark or freckled, wrinkles cause premature aging before age. Therefore, to minimize the risk of damage to the skin is always a topic of concern for women.

Skin Care for Office Workers

1. Use a mineral spray

To avoid the dry skin due to the air-conditioned environment for too long, a spray bottle is an indispensable item for office people. This is a product that makeup artists and beauty bloggers recommend that they always carry with them and use every day to provide moisture to the skin promptly.

You just need to hold the spray parallel and about 10 cm from the face, then gently receive spray for steam in the bottle “cover” on the face. Then massage into the skin gently to allow water to penetrate into the skin.

Every 1-2 hours, when you feel your skin is dehydrated, use a humidifier to regain your moisture balance. By this simple way, your skin will be smoother and softer

2. Drink 2 liters of water daily

According to some experts, when working in the office, you should drink from 2 to 2.5 liters of water to maintain the body’s activities. Because, exposure to the air-conditioning environment for 8 hours will be very easy to get dehydrated quickly. Drink plenty of water on your skin to replenish lost water promptly and avoid dry skin.

3. Take a break from the air conditioner

To avoid the situation that your skin is affected by the radiation of your computer, you should spend 10 minutes to take a break to work, talk to people about every 1 hour.

By doing this, you will avoid your skin from the wind of conditioning and balance. At the same time helps to be mentally lucid, relaxed and avoid the risk of dry skin in the workplace.

4. Keep a distance from the computer

The best distance from the computer to the eye is 50-70 cm, sitting upright and keeping a certain distance are notes for office people.

You should not avoid placing the computer too close or too far away from your eyes so as not to affect your skin and eyesight. This will help you understand the text, reducing the amount of radiation from the computer.

5. Use moisturizer every morning and evening

Working in an air-conditioned environment, moisturizers help office ladies provide moisturized blanket for the skin to avoid the effects of computers.

Besides, using eye cream has the effect of protecting the eye area to prevent dehydration and swelling of the eyes.

Therefore, before you go to the office, spend some time putting a layer of lotion on your face, around your neck and hands.

6. Wash your face with warm water

Washing your face with warm water will help you promote blood circulation, balance skin moisture after a day of working in an air-conditioned environment. You just need to dip the towel in warm water, wring it out and gently wipe it on your face.

Note, you should not soak towels in excessively hot water will cause the pores on your face to enlarge affect your skin.

7. Exfoliate with sea salt

Although, working in the office, the face is easy to accumulate sebum, dead cells stick to the surface of the skin causing clogged pores, making the skin dry.

Therefore, exfoliating is essential for skin care for the Sisters Office. Every week, 2-3 times you should exfoliate the skin once.

In particular, scrub with sea salt on your face, gently massage it on your face for 3-5 minutes and then gently wash with warm water.

Surely you will have a youthful, fresh skin after each use.

8. Do not apply the mask overnight

Many people mistakenly think that an overnight mask will help your skin absorb more nutrients, but this is a mistake.

Most masks provide easy nutrients and penetrate into your skin for up to 30 minutes.

At the same time, experts also advise you not to cover the mask just do the job, because the mask is the time when your face is resting and relaxing to absorb essences quickly.

9. Massage your face before going to bed

To get a soft, smooth skin, you should gently massage the skin before 15 minutes before bed is an appropriate choice.

Use your hand to gently press the forehead to the cheeks and then the chin, then you use your hand to gently press on the eyes, then gently pull your hand to the ears.

This will help you avoid sagging skin and crow’s feet.

10. Massage your scalp with a comb

Just think the hairbrush is only used to untangle the hair, but not only those thin spots will bring great effect to your skin.

First, gently brush from the forehead to the length of the hair about 10 times, you should focus on rubbing the scalp with a moderate force until the scalp gets hot.

This will help you improve memory, protect hair, but also how to increase blood circulation – this is an important step for a rosy and vibrant skin.

11. Wash your face after using the computer

A lot of exposure to the computer will expose the skin to large amounts of radiation plus work in a conditioning environment that easily causes dry skin to lead to aging.

According to many skin experts recommend, women should wash with warm water and gentle hygiene when using the computer.

The cleaning after using the computer will help the skin to breathe easily, the pores are closed to avoid forming acne and moisturizing facial skin.

12. Balance the working angle humidity

Working smoothly in the air conditioner makes skin dry and dry. To overcome this situation, at the desk should put a small potted plant, which helps increase the humidity in the workplace and has a decorative effect.

13. Do not sit too long in the office

Sitting for too long in the office is not the environment for you to sit all day. Therefore, to relax the eyes and body, you should stop working about 5-10 minutes for a walk, “breathe” the air to give your skin the necessary oxygen.

14. Sunscreen against radiation from electronic devices

According to some evidence, sitting in front of a computer screen for 8 hours is equivalent to having to spend 20 minutes in the sun without any intervention from any sun protection method.

Therefore, the only way to protect your skin from the harmful effects of blue light, electric light or air conditioning is sunscreen.

15. Pay attention to the diet

To have elastic skin and enough moisture, eating is essential for you to be able to care for healthy skin from the inside as a reasonable diet.

You should eat a variety of vegetables, lean meats, juices, nuts, etc.

16. Limit skin whitening cream

The workplace environment you will limit your exposure to factors that cause skin aging such as smoke, sunlight. The use of whitening cream is not really necessary.

Due to the composition of skin whitening cream contains many chemical bleaching skin. Regular use can worsen dehydration of your skin. Instead, use sunscreen that protects your skin from UV rays.

17. Apply a skin mask

A skincare mask is the cheapest and most effective way to take care of your skin, but the benefits are surprising, no one thought.

With the main ingredients of fruits including: fresh you can “prepare” the skin care formula yourself. The most useful masks for office girls

In addition, you get bored with the regular office sitting, you have the option of sharing office model is a no-nonsense suggestion.

This type of office is very suitable for start-up businesses or freelancers who want a comfortable job, move continuously without having to sit for hours working with air conditioning.