Manicure tools are used in giving a manicure, and these tools are essential for a perfect manicure. Since manicure has become a part of women’s daily personal hygiene, therefore using such tools with proper technique has also become crucial. Many women still don’t know how to use manicure tools, and such women mainly depend on some parlor or salon for manicure purposes. One can do a manicure by herself using a home pedicure kit.

Such kits contain essential tools for manicure as well as pertinent details on how to use such tools in the right manner. Like every tool, the manicure tool has its own properties; each manicure tool is different from each other and has a unique use. Knowledge of each instrument is significant for a perfect manicure you do at your home. Therefore following each step one by one becomes very crucial for you.

The most used manicure tools are cuticle nipper, nail clippers, nail file, and cuticle pusher. Each of these tools has a different pattern and style, and there are more things to follow before and after of these tools. Let’s check all these manicure tools uses in detail.

How to Use Manicure Tools?

Simple ways to utilize manicure tools!

Nail clipper

This is the most basic and essential tool, as it helps you to trim your nails. Your nails can be the dirtiest part of your body and may consist of harmful bacteria and viruses. Cutting your nails on a regular basis is as essential as taking a bath. A nail cutter or nail clipper can help you in trimming your nails, thus removing extra dirt out of your nails. Moreover, doctors and health specialists also suggest time-to-time trimming of nails for good health. Nail cutter is very simple to use; all you need to do is place your nails between nail cutters, make sure you don’t expose your skin in between nail cuter and don’t cut much as it can lead to some skin infections—the best time to trim nails after taking a shower, as they become softer.

Cuticle pusher

The tool is mainly used for cuticle as cuticle demands for exceptional care and handling. Cuticle becomes more dry and flaky; a cuticle pusher helps to put your nails in proper shape. Make sure you choose the right tool, as some people have more sensitive skin. If you have a soft cuticle, we advise you to use a wooden tool, and if you have tough skin, then using a steel cuticle pusher tool can benefit you much. It is much advised to never cut your cuticles; try to push them back with gentle hands. Sometimes woman slices the thin lining of the bed of their nails, which often lead to infections. Therefore, use the spoon of tools to push back cuticles. The best time to do this is after you take a shower, as nails are much softer during that time and there are least chances of any damage.

Cuticle nipper

The tool is utilized to deal with rigid cuticles, hangnails, and dry skin around the nails. The tool is sufficient in reaching the tight spaces and trimming ingrown nails. Moreover, it also helps in the removal of unwanted soft tissues around nails. After using a cuticle pusher for pushing nails, then the next step is to use a cuticle nipper. The specific tool will help in trimming you unsightly skin around the cuticle. Use the tool in an upward motion to lift the dead skin away and up from the nail.

Nail file

How to Use Manicure Tools?

The tools help in crushing down the edges of nails, thus making them more soother and sharper.  The best home pedicure kit comes with the best nail files that are easy and safer to use. People usually use a metal nail file more frequently as they can help make the desired nail shape. It is always advisable to use a nail file when nails are dry, as wet nails tend to split more easily.

Take filer in hand and hold it at the angle of a 45-degree angle, alternative to nails sides. Begin with one corner and move towards the center of your nail; make sure you put less pressure on files for bringing up the smooth finish. You can try with square and oval shapes as you can prevent your nails from chipping or breakage. After you get the desired result, you can wash your hands and moisturize them as well.

Nail brush

The particular tools are used for cleaning up the nails. Such a tool can be used for removing dirt and stubborn stains from the nails. People use these tools to make their nails look more clean and shiny as possible. Take the brush in your hand, hold it properly under luke water with antibacterial soap. Move the brush onto your nails from side to side so that some lather formation can occur. After that, wash your hands properly and apply to moisturize when it dry ups. Warm water is much useful for cleaning up nails by using a nail brush.

Callus remover

The tool is fundamental and usually found in every home where women are more concerned about beauty and hygiene. This tool is also known as foot scrapper for getting rid of dry, dead, and rough skin. The tool can make your skin softer and smoother. The first thing to do for making this tool work is to soak your hands in warm water for 5-10 minutes. Then dry your hands or feet with a soft towel or napkin, make sure you make your skin dry enough for use callus remover. The tool works effectively on dry skin, use the tool in downward motion till all your skin areas become smoother. You can add salt, oil, or vitamin c in your water to given skin the proper nourishment that it requires. 

The final wordings!

Nails are considered as part of personal hygiene, and nobody likes a person with dirty nails. Therefore, pedicure becomes an essential part of your life, and investing in the best home pedicure kit can help you make perfect nails with ease. A tip you can follow by applying cream or moisturizers on your nails when done with a manicure.