Is It Appropriate to Give Your Boss a Gift?

Choosing a gift for a boss or boss gift is an art!  The giver should not only have an understanding of the Boss’s personality and interests but also should choose meaningful gifts. Does this make you confused?

Wait! Wait! … In the article below, you will be provided with all the trendy gifts to give your Boss. There are luxurious, unique, and also very meaningful gifts for Boss. Spend only five minutes with us to find out the best gift for your Boss!

Is It Appropriate to Give Your Boss a Gift?

Suggestions for unique boss gifts

Individual gifts

·         Luxurious pen inlaid with gold

  • Mug with the world’s best boss message
  • Famous wine

·         Coke drink crystal wine cast 24K gold leaf

·         Watch from premium brand

The art of giving a gift to Boss

1.     Why is the best boss gift important?

·         Determine the right purposes for gifts

Sometimes the purposes of gifts are not bad, simply you want to show your affection and want to thanks the people who have helped you at work. However, today, many people give gifts as an opportunity to be “cared” by the Boss, flattering and pleasing the Boss.

-> Lesson:  to avoid the gaze and gossip of many people, do not be too obvious about the purpose of your gift. Be discreet and sensitive by choosing and giving gifts carefully.

·         Look for the gift value

Cheap or popular gifts work as a double-edged sword that worsens your image in Boss’s mind because of misunderstanding as being disrespectful.

Gifts that are too expensive also make the Boss misunderstand your purpose of giving a gift, which can cause psychological discomfort for the Boss.

-> Lesson: you should try to find unique gifts, not too ostentatious, but bring a good impression of you to the Boss.

·         Plan for giving a boss gift

When your Boss receives a gift, he doesn’t really know what’s inside. So, if you want to give a gift, try to be a little clever. Because whatever the gift is, others will misunderstand it as a bribe.

-> Lesson: Collective gifts are the best way to give to the Boss. In this way, no one will be thinking wrong about you. Also, this will help strengthen the bond between colleagues in the company and also with the Boss.

2.     When should boss gifts be given?

·         Give a boss gift on his or her birthday

Many people do not know what to buy for their Boss’s birthday. So they feel afraid of coming to the Boss’s birthday party. Perhaps many people have to refuse for good because if they choose well, the Boss is not happy, it is very easy to lose the Boss.

You do not need to choose high-class gifts for your Boss; just get one that suits your Boss’s preferences. When buying gifts for the Boss, find out carefully so that you do not have to encounter any unfortunate case offline!

·         Holiday gifts for Boss

Giving boss gifts every Tet to spring has become a cultural beauty for a long time, not only in Vietnamese but also in other parts of the world. Giving gifts to the Lunar New Year to thank the Boss for helping you during the past year is a good idea.

However, you need to pay attention to the “gift-giving culture” in order to have a dedicated gift. It helps to convey your love and sincere thanks to Boss and colleagues before the time of the New Year. Lucky excited.

·         Give the gift to Boss on promotion

The gift for the Boss should be different from the normal gifts because the person you give a gift is a manager and achieves a new success. And it is a gift that you must give with the meaning of congratulations and happiness.

·        Wedding gifts or boss anniversary gifts

If your Boss will be getting married in the near future, buying a wedding gift for Boss is indispensable. A meaningful, luxurious wedding gift that helps impress the Boss and makes a good image of you is best for Boss.

·         Giving gifts to the housewarming boss

Invite Boss in house parties and get together. When the Boss comes home, it’s not just the Boss, but other employees managed by the Boss, who feel happy. Small parties take place in every organization, and you should buy a Boss gift. That gift should be both to congratulate your Boss and to be a “medium” for you to thank the Boss for past help.

·         Giving the boss gift on retirement and transfer

Giving a gift to Boss on retirement and transfer works just like a beautiful farewell and gratitude. Plus, it is for the dedication that the Boss gives to the career path. At the same time gift is the best way to expressing the respect a boss owned in the company.

3.     How to choose a meaningful boss gift

Choose a gift for a male boss

·         Observe the attitude and mentality of the Boss

This is an important factor, deciding whether your gift is really successful, making the Boss happy or not. Not every Boss likes expensive gifts and luxurious gifts. A suitable gift must be the Boss’s favorite or the Boss’s needed item.

·         Boss gifts must show his own impression

Choosing a gift for your Boss must not only match the interests and needs but must also show his own impression. Only then the Boss will remember you, and all your wishes will be received by the Boss in the most loving way.

·         Limit gifts that are too familiar to your Boss

Avoid giving gifts that Boss has too many, or there are many people who gave the gift to the Boss. These gifts, even if your Boss likes them, are needed, but when there are too many people who want to give them to you, you can hardly make the Boss remember his or her intentions, even make you become faded.

·         Do not give gifts to the Boss in front of the crowd

Giving gifts to your Boss right in the middle of the crowd not only reflects the giver’s subtlety but also puts your Boss in an awkward position. If you do not choose the right time to give gifts, it changes your relationship with the Boss and also makes you lose sympathy. This will further make your bad impressions with the Boss.

Choose a gift for a female boss

·         Give appropriate gifts

The right person – The right time – The right gift – never goes wrong. As long as you spend a bit of time with the Boss to understand your boss’ interests, you will choose a great gift. Female bosses are often more sophisticated than male bosses, so choosing personality gifts is even more important.

·         Wrap the gift carefully

The female Boss is a woman of beauty who cannot “ignore” an elegant gift, which is beautifully wrapped. Even if your gift is not picky, but the way you decorate it will make increase the value of your gift.

·         Be sincere

The tradition of giving a female boss a gift, in particular, is different. Show your desire and respect or appreciation to the Boss. You can simply say sincere thanks as well. A gift loses its value when it becomes a burden or an obligation for the giver.