Do Men Need Skin Care Like Women?

Using skin care products designed for women is not recommended for men’s skin differs from the skin for women, mainly because … beard.

To maintain these hair follicles, men’s facial skin will be thicker, and the blood supply will be richer. The hair follicles secrete more natural slime. When men shave, it acts as an exfoliant, removing dead skin cells. And men’s skin does not have to be exposed to the same hormonal diversity as women.

All these factors make the gentleman’s skin become less affected by the signs of aging. This is most evident in the upper lip. Almost all women up to a certain age have a vertical lip line, but this is very rare for men. Expensive anti-wrinkle ingredients, like alpha hydroxy acids, light peeling agents and peptides, are unnecessary.

Do Men Need Skin Care Like Women?

Of course, there are some needs that are the same. Men’s face skin loses its elasticity in the same way as women, so products that help regenerate collagen, especially vitamin C serum, should be used daily. Moisturizer combined with sunscreen is also a good idea. Very few men need to apply moisturizer more than once daily, and a two in one product will make this easier.

Establish a habit of maintenance. In the morning, wash your face and shave, then apply serum, followed by moisturizer with SPF. The basic thing is to maintain this habit.

Know what your skin type is

Before going into the steps of skincare and skincare routine, it is very important to determine the right skin type and current skin condition, so that you can easily select methods and products. Products suitable for the skin.

The simple way to tell your skin type is that you need to prepare a blotter, apply it to your face as soon as you wake up.

Do Men Need Skin Care Like Women

→ Normal skin: The paper is only sticky on some points. You will feel the skin quite soft and bright. Normal skin is the type of skin with the least problems.

→ Dry skin : If your skin is dry, the blotting paper will be clean but at the same time you will feel dry, flaky and irritated if rubbed on it.

→   Oily skin : If your skin is oily, then the paper will absorb a lot of oil and lubricant concentrated mainly on the forehead, nose and cheeks. Oily skin often has a lot of problems, it is often oily and acne prone.

→   Combination skin: Most people own combination skin . At this time, the test paper will absorb oil on the forehead and nose and the cheeks hardly.

→   Sensitive skin: Sensitive skin is usually very dry, very prone to redness and irritation. Therefore, the use of cosmetics must also be very careful and only use for skin.

Skincare procedures and skin care procedures for men only

◊ Facial cleansing (2 times / day)

After a long day of “fighting” with your work and the environment full of dust, your skin surface is covered with dirt, excess oil and impurities.

Therefore, washing your face gently with a facial cleanser twice a day in the morning after waking up and the evening before going to bed will help wash away and wash away the bacteria that accumulate on the skin. And equally important is choosing the right cleanser to remove excess oil but still not make your skin dry or flaky.

◊ Exfoliating the skin (2 times / week)

The accumulation of dead skin cells will allow bacteria to accumulate causing acne and make your skin look dull. When exfoliating the skin , you need to avoid using too strong cosmetics and rub on the skin too hands.

Use some   gentle and natural exfoliating products to ensure your skin is always clean, maintaining the best nutrient absorption state.

◊ Skin moisturizer (2 times / day)

The epidermis surface of the skin is surrounded by hydrolipid membranes. This natural moisture film acts as a barrier to protect the skin from the invasion and attack of bacteria and free radicals.

The use of the following moisturizer will help restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier, creating a barrier against damaging agents and maintaining healthy skin.

◊ Apply sunscreen (every morning)

Applying sunscreen regularly whenever you go out even during winter weather is a prerequisite. This cream will help protect the skin from harmful rays from the sun, from the risk of aging and pimples.

◊ How to care for skin before and after shaving for men

To make shaving easier and to avoid scratching your skin, choose a good blade and a lot of shaving gel or gel that doesn’t contain many chemicals and doesn’t irritate your skin.

And after shaving, you should apply anti-inflammatory moisturizers to soothe the skin as well as to avoid ingrown hairs that cause acne.

Avoid getting your razor in a damp environment, where bacteria and fungi thrive, causing skin infections. Instead, leave it in the medicine cabinet and change the blade regularly.

2-3 Add 2-3 liters of water daily

Drinking water is not only a basic skin care routine, but also a main habit to maintain the body’s health and fitness.

Not only quenching thirst, water also keeps the skin “hydrated” perfectly. When the skin is well hydrated, it helps to regulate excess oil on the skin, so that the pores are almost tight and the skin becomes smooth and flawless.

Instead of drinking coffee, beer or wine, why not make yourself a habit of drinking 12 glasses of water a day (equivalent to 2-3 liters of water)? You will be surprised by the effect it brings!

◊ Exercise is also a great way for skin care for men

Episode sport not only good for health, appearance and emotional but also very good effects for the skin.

We often think that skin is only beautiful when provided with adequate nutrition from the inside as well as cherished, properly cared for from outside with cosmetics. However, many scientific studies show that: a healthy, youthful, rosy and firmer skin if you exercise regularly and reasonably.

The movement helps the skin to excrete more toxins, helps the blood circulation to bring oxygen and nutrients to the skin, helps the skin to be nourished, the skin will be firmer and healthier.

◊ A wise diet

Skin condition is a reflection of what is happening inside your body, meaning that in order to have perfect skin, the necessary and prerequisite condition is to properly and nourish the body. good boy.

Excessive reliance on fast food, alcoholic beverages and other convenient meals can be harmful to your health, especially your skin.

Foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts , vitamins , antioxidants, and minerals and essential fatty acids like omega-3s will do wonders for your skin.

◊ How to care for men’s skin, don’t forget to say NO to “stress”

When the body is constantly faced with stress, the brain triggers a reaction that disrupts the skin’s natural cycle and disrupts the immune system function.

So, try to prevent all negative agents in very simple ways like reading, listening to music, jogging, exercising … or anything that makes you feel happy and relaxed. roof. This will help the body to relax and the skin will be nourished, optimally protected.

◊ Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is always closely related to your skin condition. Try sleeping for just a few hours each night, and soon you will notice negative changes in your skin.

If you do not sleep deeply or stay awake at night too much, this regeneration process will be interrupted, accidentally leading to alarming conditions such as acne, oily skin, large pores …

Hopefully the information that Hello Bacsi provided above will help the boys understand the importance of skin care and protection, thereby helping to bring confidence and create a good feeling when communicating in public. as well as in my surrounding relationships!