How Often Should I Exfoliate?

Individuals often ask this question of how regularly we should exfoliate your skin. Thinking that exfoliating frequently can be turned out to be helpful for the skin; well, it is not accurate that you should do the process of exfoliation quite often as doing it often might result in rashy and inflamed, your complexion might look red and splotchy.

Types of exfoliators

types of exfoliator

Let us look into different types of exfoliators are there.


The traditional approach to the exfoliation is the physical exfoliators. Which is bristles when talking about the body brushing. This is scrubbing is done when thinking to exfoliate the entire body to wash away the dead skin cells of the body.


The great exfoliator is alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta-hydroxy acids (BHAs), and also polyhydroxy acids (PHAs) this helps get in touch with the outer layer of the skin and washing off the dead skin cells of the body.


These enzymatic exfoliates are helpful for the people who have sensitive skin. The particular exfoliates helps in rejuvenating as it is made by the fruits and natural extracts. So it will be helpful for the people who are getting these exfoliates and gets healthy and smooth skin.

What’s Your Skin Type? Which Exfoliate Should You Use For Your Skin Type

Exfoliation is the main thing that your skin requires, but it is undoubtedly a vital thing to know how and what kind of exfoliation should be used for your skin type. Here we are stating some basic ways of exfoliation and useful for your skin type.

Dry skin type

If you have dry skin type, then you are recommended to go for the chemical approach for the skin. The AHAs is an optimal approach for dry skin because of its effective results. You can also get these exfoliation done through the best Korean exfoliator, which is made along with a concise study and help you in the treatment.

Oily skin type

Those ones with oily skin are prone to get more pimples and acne. Oily skin type can go for the physical exfoliation approach as that can help in taking out the excessive oil from the skin. This will result in the glowing and natural brightened skin. You can also take in use of Best Korean exfoliators, which are proven to be one of the best exfoliators across the world.

Normal skin type

People who have normal skin types can go for any of the exfoliation. Also they can keep experimenting with the different exfoliations to know which one works for you and also helps you to get the best results.

Sensitive skin type

Many individuals have the sensitive skin type which makes their skin react to every little thing, for those skin types they can choose to the gentle exfoliators such as enzymatic which is gentle on the skin and is made of the natural extract such as the fruits and many other. By choosing a particular skin type you can possibly get the best results and better healthy skin.

Signs You’re Over-Exfoliating Your Skin

Exfoliation is a vital skincare treatment that everyone should do for a better skin. But over doing of this process can also result in excessively bad results, which might worsen your skin type. Here we are listing some symptoms and repercussions which you might be facing because of the overdoing the process of exfoliation.

Inflammation, itching, increased sensitivity or burning

The most common symptoms of the over exfoliations are itchiness, swelling, burning, and getting redness of the skin. These symptoms are an indicator of over-exfoliation. This happens because of the fact you are either using an extensively harming exfoliator or you just rubbing your skin excessively.

More breakouts and skin getting worse

As we are well aware of the fact that these exfoliators act as a peeler for the skin which peels off the dead and dry skin cells from your skin but using them on a frequent basis can lead to shedding off the protective layers of your skin. This will conclude into the more and more break outs and making your skin worsen.

Skin appears to be artificial and glancing

The skin looks shinier and glancing due to the usage of these chemicals on a frequent basis. It will surely make the skin odd looking and worsen. If you have already done over-exfoliating, then you can surely get the best Korean exfoliator, which is proven to be helpful for excellent and effective results.

Dehydration and crepey skin

Over-exfoliation can lead you to dehydration of the skin as the skin gets dry by over-exfoliating.

How Often Should Exfoliate

According to many studies and researches, there is no such limit or tendency to exfoliate the skin. One needs to be careful about their skin. The overdoing of exfoliation of the skin can inevitably result in adverse repercussions. The exfoliation procedure can be done with the extensive research which states that you can do the exfoliation accordingly your skin can tolerate. Setting up a limit does not make any sense because everyone has a different skin tone, texture; also, the climatic changes, soil, and other factors affect the skin, so the ultimate answer to this would exfoliate your skin as much as it can tolerate. In addition to this, you should be doing this with a good quality exfoliator; you can also make use of the best Korean exfoliator, which is concisely made up of natural extract.

The final verdict

Exfoliation is an extraordinary remedy and self-care practice that you should be practicing quite often to eradicate skin problems like wrinkles, dullness, lacking glow, and many others. Also, you should be choosing the exfoliator accordingly and precisely, which is best suited for your skin. There is multiple exfoliators brand which helps create excellent and healthy effect over the body. The best Korean exfoliator is a suitable and reliable exfoliator which can help you to get naturally glowing skin.